About Us

Who we are and how we make the difference

Our Commitment

Manu Wildlife Peru is dedicated to real ecotourism. Manu Wildlife Peru takes great care to limit the impact of our tours on the environment. We collect all the waste and take it back to Cusco. We buy local or Peruvian products wherever possible and avoid the use of cans or other materials that are difficult to recycle.

Working in Manu also means working with local and native people: the lodge staff and the boat team are all from Manu.  In our tours to Manu Reserved Zone we use the Casa Matsiguenka Lodge, which is run by local indigenous people. With the money of our jungle expeditions we can contribute to the preservation of the jungle and the way of life of the people there and provide them with a good income. These communities are the true owners of Manu, so we work with them to ensure sustainable tourism.

Our Lodges

You will spend most your nights during the tour at our local family owned lodges, located in our family’s own ecological reserve: Manu Wildlife Lodge and Robles Treehouse, designed for your comfort. Both lodges are equipped with water filters to provide drinking water from the tap to you.  The Robles Treehouse has private bathrooms.
Our Treehouse is located in a very special tropical rainforest: Here you will find the tropical forests of the Andes and the lowlands of Manu. This offers our visitors the opportunity to observe a variety of birds, animals and plants from both areas in addition to the endemic species.

Our Guides

Our guides are locals and grew up in Manu. They learned from childhood how to observe wild animals, how to recognize birds and mammals by sound and shape. They can imitate the animals and call closer. This experience will benefit you and you will be able to discover and observe many animals with the help of our guides.  The guides have animal and plant guides with them, so that you will always have additional information at your hand.
We use professional binoculars and telescopes so you can get a closer view of the animals.

All the guides are English speaking with many years of guiding experience in Manu.

Our Team

I am Fidel, the founder of Manu Wildlife Peru and I am your guide in the jungle. I was born and raised in the Amazon rainforest in Manu National Park.  My passion is the jungle, going on adventures and discoveries and observing the birds and wildlife. My favorite animal is the sloth because it looks very friendly and lovely.

I am Ursula and I support Manu Wildlife Peru in their projects to maintain wildlife conservation in the rainforest of Manu National Park. Sometimes I work in the back office. For me it is of great importance that you can experience the untouched jungle authentically and become aware of the fragile nature again. I am fascinated by the noise and at the same time by the silence of the jungle. I like the colibris because of their humming sound and their various colours.

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