Welcome to Manu Wildlife Peru

Manu Wildlife Peru – a local company for ecotourism trips in the Amazon jungle of Manu National Park.
It is our passion to experience and discover with you our fauna and flora in the untouched and undisturbed jungle. You will also gain insight into the indigenous culture of the native people. We dedicate a great deal of time and heart and soul to ensuring the conservation of natural resources and biological diversity.

The rainforest of Manu has remained intact due to its remote location. This means that we travel long distances by bus and boat. But it also means that you are in a part of the Amazon rainforest that has an incomparable and untouched flora and fauna!

Most nights are spent in our own lodges: Manu Wildlife Lodge and Robles Treehouse. Accommodation is designed for your well-being. Our helpful staff is always at your service. For adventurers we offer camping options or expeditions. [+]

Manu Cultural Zone Tours

If you don’t have much time and still want to enjoy the beauty of the Manu National Park rainforest, this 3 day tour is perfect for you… [Read more]

Come to our beautiful Treehouse and explore the incredible variety of flora and fauna of Manu National Park. We show you our personal jungle by day and by night… [Read more]

During the five-day adventure you will experience the authentic jungle. During our numerous explorations you will enjoy the full wilderness[Read more]

Manu Reserved Zone Tours

One of the most famous tours where you get to know all the zones of the rainforest: the cloud forest, the rain forest of the cultural zone and the full biodiversity and wilderness of the reserved zone deep inside the Manu National Park… [Read more]

Our greatest adventure! You have the chance to experience the full biodiversity of the National Park. First in the reserved zone of the National Park and later around our family ecological reserve, where our Treehouse is located… [Read more]

Our longest tour to experience the entire rainforest of the Amazon in the Manu Sanctuary. You will spend four days each in the cultural and reserverd Zone. Our passionate local tour guides know the jungle inside out... [Read more]

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